Mini Burn preparation Step One – The Right Kit

Okay so this is not just a simple running race and therefore you do need to think a little more about what kit to bring. Having said that it’s nothing complicated and nothing particular fancy is needed.

For the run section, you don’t need to carry any compulsory kit so just some comfortable outdoor clothing such as short and t-shirt or legging is fine. The trail is mixed with some hard-packed surfaces and some grass. Make sure you have run a few km in your shoes beforehand to ensure they fit correctly and work with your foot. Some grip is good to have so we recommend a trail shoe. Google it, there are lots of options out there. A regular road shoe will be okay but you may need to be careful on the grassy and stony sections particularly in the event of bad weather!

Everyone always wants to know about the kayaking and understanably it’s not a sport most people have done. The good news is that we provide everything for you, kayaks, paddles and buoyancy aids. There is full water saftey and our friendly kayak team will help you in and out of the boats as well as provide instruction on the water if need be. A word of warning though, you may get wet from splash and the drain holes that sit in the bottom of the boat! If the sun is shining and it’s a warm day, you’ll soon forget about this but if the conditions are not so favourable then you have a few options. Wearing a pair of waterproof trousers is a quick and effective way to keep your bottom and legs from getting wet. The other option is to have a new set of clothes for cycling in the transition area. We don’t have full changing facilities so you may want to bring a towel.

So for the cycling section, you may be on your bike for up to two hours. The long course is 10km with some good hills taking you up to 350 metres above sea level. Given this there will be some compulsory kit for you to carry so one member of the team will need a small backpack. You’ll need one phone for team and an extra top layer, water bottle and some energy snacks per team member. If the weather is really bad we may also add waterproofs to this list. Remember compulsory kit is only for your safety and comfort. You can either wear your trainer or some cycling shoes and make sure your clothing is comfortable.

Not to forget you’ll also need a fully functional bike. We do recommend a mountain bike because the terrain is very varied with some more technical riding in places. Please don’t be concerned about this because you can always dismount and hike-a-bike any sections you feel are beyond the ability of your team. You may also want to bring some spares such as a spare inner tube. We will have marshalls on the ground that can help you fix punctions, chain breaks etc but they could take some time to get to you so best to try and do it yourself. (We’ll post a video on how-to shortly)

The final phase is back on foot for some orienteering so you can wear the same clothes you ran or cycled in.

Some competitors bring a small box or a bag to leave in the transition area to keep their kit in. We provide a marquee to keep this dry in case of rain.

We hope you’ll want to hang around a little after the event and enjoy the food at the event centre and cheering on other competitors so a warm and dry set of clothes would be an advantage.

As always, if you have any questions then do let us know!