Sport Bank

At Burn HQ we’ve been thinking how we can put more back into our community and we’ve come up with a master plan!

I’d like to introduce you to the SPORT BANK. This is a charity that takes unwanted sports clothes, footwear and equipment and re-distributes it to those who could do with it the most.

We are all guilty of having far too many things and so at the next Burn event we will be encouraging participants and spectators to bring with them any sports related items that they no longer want or need. We will then ensure they reach the right people by working with the local councils and food banks in South Wales.

To start with we will be focusing on the immediate area of Neath & Port Talbot where recent statistics have shown that 30% of Children live in poverty, compared to the 26% average across Wales.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience sport and we want to make this happen. We will also be offering some free places on the Mini Burn event for recipients of the Sport Bank

If you’d like further details then please contact us on our facebook page where we can openly communicate with the Burn community about developments and plans for the Sport Bank to ensure it becomes the best it can be.